Pop's Poodles and Doodles

One female Labradoodle and 2 male Golden Doodles are available

About us:  

Life with our dogs on Caney Lake is wonderful.  We enjoy cookouts, watching them run and play, and all of the love that comes with the joy of having furry friends.  

Pop spends most of his day taking care of them.  The dogs hear him coming and their tails start wagging so hard that their bodies just sway back and forth.

Our dogs and puppies are treated with special love and care.  We want them to have that same love and care when they go to their forever homes.  They will have their papers so they can be registered and vaccination records.  

Male golden doodle with yellow collar is now called Finley and is on his way to his forever home.

Finley at his forever home

Male labradoodle with blue collar with his forever family

Male labradoodle with blue collar loves his forever family